Carl Hayden Clubs 2013-14

Carl Hayden After-School Clubs

Blue Planet Society
Sponsors: Alejandrina Mejia, Beth Ellickson, Debbie Arroyo, Ling Xia, Amy Hollister
Meeting Place: 218
Meeting Time/Day:Thursday 3-5pm
Purpose: Pick- up recyclable materials from the whole school and to increase awareness of the environmental problems and what can be done.
Computer Club
Sponsors: Michael Marmolejo
Meeting Place: 225
Meeting Time/Day: Thursdays @ 3:15
Purpose: An extracurricular organization dedicated to students who enjoy working and playing with technology.
Sponsors: Fred Lajvardi, Ken Whitley, Srnka Johnson
Meeting Place: 223
Meeting Time/Day: Team Meetings on Fridays at 7 am, and daily after school from 3-6 pm
Purpose: An extracurricular STEM, Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics
Sponsor: Maria Contreras
Meeting Place: 1301
Meeting Time/Day: Tuesdays @ 3:05
Purpose: Celebrate our roots, culture, history and art. We also do community involvement to make a difference in La Raza. We educate and enroll.
Demko Game Development Guild
Sponsors: Archie Chaudhari
Meeting Place :213
Meeting Time/Day: Monday and Wednesday @ 3 pm
Purpose: Working in teams, students design, develop and program games to play on a computer.
Math Club
Sponsors: Eira Rodriguez, Dolores Ramirez
Meeting Place: 258
Meeting Time/Day: Fridays @ 3:15- 4pm
Purpose: To prepare students for the math sections of the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AMC. And to Compete in the American Mathematics Competition in February.

Animal Cruelty Prevention & Awareness
Sponsor: Beth Ellickson
Meeting Place: 236
Meeting Time/Day: Monday after school
Purpose: Promote proper care and treatment of both companion and wild animals.
Writer’s Guild
Sponsor: Rick Rogers
Meeting Place: 1317
Meeting Time/Day: Mondays 3:05
Purpose: To write, share writings, and make the literary magazine
Chess Club
Sponsor: Jonathan Sikorsky
Meeting Place: 807
Meeting Time/Day: Mondays after school
Purpose: Build thinking skills, promote sportsmanship, and to have FUN.
Anime Club
Sponsor: Ms. Frank
Meeting Place: 801
Meeting Time/Day: 1st & 3rd Tuesday
Purpose: To provide a safe and supportive environment for students to express and explore their interest in Japanese culture, anime, manga, and anime or manga inspired games, music, or movies.
physics club
Physics Club
Sponsors: Srnka Johnson
Meeting Place: 252
Meeting Time/Day: Wednesday @ 3:30
Purpose: Solar arrays, make go-karts with biofuel & electric designs and implementations, and grow a sustainable garden.
Z- Fitness
Sponsors: Monica Ramirez, Mrs. Oviedo, Mrs. Franceschi
Meeting Place/Date: In Room 205 every Tuesday @ 3:30
Zumba Place/Date: Dance Room every Friday @ 3:30
Purpose: A space where z-fitness members may learn and perform a cardio fitness routine choreography made by Ms. Ramirez and z-fitnes club members.
Hiking Club
Sponsor:Genise Tomko
Meeting Place: 841
Meeting Time/Day: 3:00 on the 1st Tuesday of each month
Purpose: Get outside and get healthy, fight childhood obesity, get fit, and enjoy the great outdoors and nature.
Youth Healing Youth
Sponsor: Jennifer Turner
Meeting Place: 800
Meeting Time/Day: 3:10-4pm on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays
Purpose: The goal of Y.H.Y is to raise awareness of health and social issues affecting youth, volunteer in the community, and raise money for important causes.
Future Teacher Club
Sponsor: Leo Alvarez
Meeting Place: 840
Meeting Time/Day: Every other Thursday @ 3:10 pm
Purpose: To expose students to the teaching profession by having them work with teachers in elementary & middle school settings. Students are also given orientations as to how enroll in colleges and universities to pursue a teaching career.
Best Buddies Club
Sponsors: Ms. Villescas, Ms. Best, Ms. Salter, and Ms. Samudio
Meeting Place: S154
Meeting Time/Day: Thursdays after school
Purpose: To pair students who have intellectual and developmental disabilities in one-to-one friendships with high school students.
Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica
Sponsor: Madeline Montanez
Meeting Place: Rm 804
Meeting Time/Day: 2nd and 4th Monday
Purpose: To recognize high achievement in Spanish students at Carl Hayden and promote continuity of interest in Hispanic studies.
National Honor Society
Sponsor: Ramon Martinez

Carl Hayden Sports-Related Clubs

Lettermen's Club
Sponsor: Dan Dell 'Omo
Football Club
Coaches: Jeremy Zimmerman, Peter Cunningham, Miguel Herrera, Derek Smith
Volleyball Club
Coaches: Alberto Castro, Anita Massey
Badminton Club
Coach: Erika Resch
Cheerleaders Club
Coaches: Kandy Cordova, Diane Gaffney
Golf Club
Coach: Michael Jacobs
Cross Country Club
Coaches: Diana Roman, Gabriel Robles
Wrestlerettes Club
Coach: Erlinda Romero
Boys Soccer Club
Coach: Abner Calderon
Boys Basketball Club
Coaches: Argie Rhymes, Gilbert Lopez, Michael Morris
Girls Basketball Club
Coaches: Miguel Herrera, Tanya Arnold, Heather Brown
Girls Soccer Club
Wrestling Club
Coach: Michael Bostwick
Girls Tennis Club
Coach: Erika Resch
Boys Tennis Club
Coach: Peter Cunningham
Softball Club
Coach: Alberto Castro, Tony Dolata, Marlos Hill
Baseball Club
Track Club

Carl Hayden Class/Clubs

Class: Student Government
Sponsor: Tony Dolata
Class: Intro to Letterman,
Intermediate Letterman,
Advanced Letterman
Sponsor: SFC Cliff Brumels
Band Club
Classes: Marching Band,
Concert Band
Sponsor: Becky Grace
Academic Decathlon
Class: Academic Decathlon
Sponsor: Jeanne LeSage
Yearbook Club
Class: Yearbook 1-8
Sponsor: Michael Marmolejo
Newspaper Club
Class: Newspaper 1-8
Sponsor: Jill Jones
Choir Club
Class: Choir
Sponsor: Karen Scott-Moore

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