New Year, New You

It’s 2017! A new year, and a new you (as people often say). Many people often make New Year’s resolutions to complete by the end of the year. It is sort of like a promise that you hold yourself accountable to do. I guess it’s nice to do this kind of thing so you can do something good for yourself or others throughout the year, like: being healthy and getting fit, helping out within your community, or simple things like being nicer to your siblings.

New Year’s resolutions are also nice because you get to see other people achieve their goals and makes you want to achieve your goals (encouragement, basically), but there are also people whose will and determination is crushed. Those are the fun people to watch, or is it just me? Either way, someone can be watched failing or succeeding. It’s nice to know that people will at least try, even if they fail at the end.

One thing to definitely get straight, there is no point in making a promise you don’t intend to keep or stick by. It’s pointless to say empty words like “I’m not going to eat sweets the entire year” or “I’m going to do community service everyday.” Start with something small that is easy to accomplish and not out of anyone’s reach, especially the ones that include resisting temptation. Nobody can resist chocolate (or least that I know of).

Besides making resolutions, 2017 has many other events happening soon. Nintendo plans to release their new system, the Nintendo Switch, sometime in March. Many gamers are excited for March. This month is the last month that the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama, will be in the White House. The 45th president (sadly), Donald Trump, will be the new president this year. He plans to carry out his ideas that he introduced during the election, which include building a wall to divide the U.S. and Mexico, finding a way to defeat ISIS and other terrorist groups, and to “make America great again.”  Gas prices have raised in Mexico, leading many to violently protest in the streets.Astronomical events to look forward to this year are on August 21st, where a total solar eclipse is expected to happen, and on December 3rd, where a supermoon will appear in the sky. Many movies will also come out this year, such as Spiderman:Homecoming and Cars 3. Expect to see more new films in the theaters soon.

Many events will take place this year, and hopeful they a memorable, but not in a negative way like 2016 (specifically all the celebrity deaths). To those who made New Year’s resolutions, make sure you keep your word and complete them, unless your goal is a bit overboard.

By Danny Miron