My Opinion: Cats or Dogs as Pets?

People around the world enjoy being accompanied by animals as pets, like dogs, cats, lizards, turtles, or birds. Some people, though, only prefer one pet than the other. Some of the main pets to  have today are cats and dogs. There are others, like fish and hamsters, but dogs and cats are the mainstream companions to have in your home. Which one would be preferable to have in a household?

Dogs are nice pets to have since they are playful and enjoy other’s company (for some). They require lots of attention and playtime. If you leave them alone for one second, they immediately cry and whine and want you back. Cats, on the other hand, don’t really care for your attention at times and do their own thing. Give them food, water, and a litter box and they will be fine. Both complete opposites. Cats are an ideal choice for those who want someone to be in the house with them. Dogs would be great for people who want to give someone great amounts of attention.

Both are really nice, but have their pros ands cons in the long run. Dogs will become lazy once they get old and won’t be as active as they used to. Cats stay the same, but they will invite their cat buddies and chill at your house. You won’t want to make them go away, so they stay with you and you become a cat person. The term “cat person” doesn’t have a positive connotation, so having crowds of cats when you’re older isn’t the best idea.

Dogs acknowledge your presence and always want to be around you. They are sort of clingy, to be honest. They always want to play with you and pester you and want to be petted. They are funny sometimes, especially when they chase their tails. Cats are kind of serious and really do not care if you are around or not. They might meow for you to come back, but in general, they are ok without you. Cats do not mind if you pet them and do not need enormous amounts of attention. They even go do their business on their own. Some cats are funny, as you see more funny cat videos than dog videos.

Either choice is a good choice. Dogs are nice and playful, and cats are a good napping buddy (if they let you be in their presence). Here at Carl Hayden High School, students prefer dogs more than cats. Doesn’t surprise me much as dogs are the main pet to have. Cats can give this stare and vibe saying “I will slowly watch you die and I will not call for help. Instead, I will lay on your body.” Dogs would probably go for help. Maybe that is why people prefer them; they would rescue you in a crisis, while a cat would probably do it’s own thing while you’re on the ground.

There are other pets, as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, that are nice to keep as well, but I think cats and dogs would be the top choices for pets. Turtles smell if you don’t wash them, birds can be loud, and bunnies want to go the other way of attention. Fish, well, you look at them. What’s the fun in that? People do prefer fish sometimes, as all you need to do is feed them and get a water filter. It is whatever you choose or prefer in the end. Dogs and cats are the most common out of all of them. Wouldn’t be a good idea to get both, though.

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By Danny Miron