Holiday Traditions

In the month of December, many holidays are celebrated with family and friends, like Christmas. Many travel on the fourth week of December to visit faraway family or stay at home and wait for the people to come to them. Some may celebrate Christmas with a feast, but let’s be honest, we just had Thanksgiving, so there is no need to gorge yourself with food again. How about gorging yourself in time with family and friends and the festive spirit?

Plan ahead of time and do not procrastinate for the holidays because many people will travel on the roads and in the sky. Besides even traveling, many will go to stores to prepare for visits by getting a Christmas tree, decorations, food, refreshments, and don’t forget the presents! But of course, Christmas is not about the gifts and the cookies, it is about time with your family and friends and to be happy to see them come from near or far.

People have many different traditions to celebrate the holidays; making special food and gift trading names a couple, but there is many more traditions from around the world. One common thing in all of these unique traditions, though, is that there is some form of presents included. A lot of cultures, though, do have some type of food to eat during the holidays, whether it’s tamales, deep-fried caterpillars or christmas pudding. Definitely everyone has cookies: peanut butter, sugar, cinnamon, and gingerbread.

Besides food, many other traditions exist, such as opening presents at 12:00 in the morning. Some cultures may have presents later or earlier in the year. If you do not even deserve a present, you may not get one at all, and that is something that is common in most cultures around the world. There are some beliefs that may scare some people worldwide, such as the Yule Cat in Iceland who will eat you if you do not have new clothes by Christmas Eve, or the Christmas devil, Krampus, in Austria who will beat you with a stick if you are naughty.

Although there are many traditions, cultures, and religions that affect what you do during the holidays, mostly everyone spends time with their family and their friends during the fourth week of December. It is a festive time to enjoy with others and to ignore worries for a bit. After all, no one wants to be a Scrooge on Christmas.

By Danny Miron