My Opinion: Headphones should be allowed at school

Here at Carl Hayden High School, security and administration enforce rules to not allow headphones on school campus. I can see why they make that a rule, but there are many reasons why they should allow headphones. At Carl Hayden, if you are seen with headphone or earbuds, security will ask you to take them off and put them away. Of course they can take it away if you do not comply. Phones are not allowed in classes, like any other school in the country. This means you can not use your headphones to listen to music as it would need the use of your phone or other electronic device, which can be confiscated. These rules are made to make sure there are no classroom distractions, which is beneficial to the class as no one can learn while listening to your favorite artist on a loud volume, which would distract others around you.

There are some benefits to bringing your own headphones to school, though. In some classes, computers and laptops are used for learning purposes and may have audio included in the curriculum. The school can provide headphones for you to use, but my past experiences with school headphones is that looks can be deceiving. You may have headphones that only have sound coming out of one side or no sound at all. If you bring your own headphones, though, you can be sure that you can hear from both sides. If you are doing a project on computers or laptops, the teacher may allow you to listen to music if you have headphones, You’re out of luck if the class does not provide some for you and you left yours at home. Music can help you concentrate on your assignment and you can get work done faster. Plus, you can see if they came out with anything new!

Before school and at lunch, you can use your phone with pleasure. If you plan to listen to music or watch a video, then you better keep your eyes peeled and be alert of security, as they will take your headphones if they see you with them. Security is here to make sure that all students are safe on campus and to see if there are any threats to our safety, not to spy on every student to see if they are enjoying their artist. Personally, I would rather have security do their job and secure the entrances and exits than to take “distracting material” away and to focus on doing exactly that. If they are constantly keeping an eye open for headphones and someone with a weapon passes right through them, I would not want them to be a security guard.

I do understand that there is a time and a place for everything, but having headphones out? Come on! If they are at max volume, I can understand; the person needs to lower their volume because not everyone likes the same choice of music as you do, but if you cannot even hear a single voice or instrument coming out of their earbuds, then let them have it out! They are obviously using the headphones correctly and not going deaf with a low volume setting on (or they have them out to look “cool”). All of this brings me to another point: speakers.

The new thing in 2016 is to have a bluetooth speaker or other kind of speaker to listen to music without the need of headphones. It is nice to have them so you can share your music with others and you can have a fun time. If you bring that out in public, I’m pretty sure not everyone likes Young Jeezy and Ariana Grande, but if no one says anything, I guess you’re ok (but have headphones as backup just in case). Some students bring their own speakers to listen to music without the hassle of putting something in your ear. I can get it if security tells you to turn it off and put it away or takes it away. Speakers are definitely loud and a distraction. You can take those away.

Headphones, on the other hand, are a totally different story. They only make sound to those who put them on, not the entire public. Why take those away? Maybe the headphones like Beats and Bose, but the tiny earbuds should be allowed! They are tiny and do not “distract” people and are silent (if the person has it on a low volume setting, which is preferable so you don’t go deaf). If a student is using headphones during class, those can totally be taken away as they are being used during class and you maybe be concentrating to the music and not the teacher. Headphones definitely should be allowed on school campus as they are useful to have, so why confiscate something that is used for silent use?

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By Danny Miron