Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Every November, things kick into high gear for the holidays. Now that Christmas is coming closer than ever, many rush to stores and websites for the holidays. Many shop at grocery stores as well since Thanksgiving is in a couple days. Plus, there is the wild event many go to earlier to avoid crowds. That is the day after Thanksgiving: Black Friday.

Black Friday has always been after Thanksgiving and is called Black Friday because retailers would mark profit in black ink. During Black Friday, there is profit for stores all the time. Although Black Friday does start the Friday after Thanksgiving, many retailers start Black Friday deals early as October (C’mon! Let me enjoy Halloween first!). You can find amazing deals on an array of products, like on clothes, technology, and other assortment of goods on sale. Many go to stores on Black Friday, but as the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm.

Hundreds of retailers have lines of people outside of their stores before it is open on Black Friday, even before the sun rises. Many camp out for the night to get first pick on sales and deals. Some Black Fridays are not as good as others, though. There can be riots and fighting at stores on the 25th of November. Definitely be careful!

There is a safe alternative than waking up early and pushing and shoving. All you have to do is surf the web for websites, click “Add to Cart” and then “Buy.” The Monday after Thanksgiving is a day where many websites of stores have sales and mark down prices. This day has been recently called Cyber Monday.

On Cyber Monday, many sites have sales that you won’t see ‘till next year. Many popular shopping sites, like Amazon, have excellent deals, but they have other competitors, like Kohl’s, K-Mart, Walmart, and GameStop. Some sites even have free shipping if you look!

These two days that are perfect for extreme savers and shopaholics only come once every year. Of course you can wait until stores have to get rid of their stock, but that may take awhile. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great times to get presents on the Christmas List. Procrastinators will pay if they do not act quickly, though, because these deals will not come until next year. You can wait for the Christmas deals, but those are not as great and stores will be filled with other procrastinators. Good luck getting the merch you want on Black Friday and surfing the web for the perfect deals on Cyber Monday.

Looking for good stores and websites to waste your savings?

Try these links which tell what stores have deals!

By Danny Miron

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