Presidential Election Review

On November 8 of this year, there will be an event that the entire world will be watching. That event is the United States Presidential Election. This year will be Barack Obama’s last year in office, so a new president will be elected. The two candidates this year are Hillary Clinton (Democrat) and Donald Trump (Republican). Both have good plans, but both also have done actions that will not help them win the election. Either way, everyone in the world will be relieved once this has passed.

Hillary Clinton is a former Secretary of State and is married to former president Bill Clinton. Clinton’s views on education and children have been what she has been emphasizing before and now as she runs for president. Other things, though, such as her deleted emails, concern some voters on whether she will be a trustworthy president. Besides the rumors that are going around, Clinton shows that she is ready to be the first female president of the United States.

On the Republican side of the race, Donald Trump shows that he will not mess around with any foreign threats. Trump’s ideas on dealing with ISIS and other terrorist groups and the Mexican border are very clear. He will not joke around on his first days. On the contrary, actions and words that Trump has said may not give him the opportunity to carry out these ideas. The range of things Trump has said and done have been towards women, people with autism, and immigrants; none of which portray a pretty picture of him. Perhaps his actions will be better than his words he has said?

Many usually think that the presidential election only affects the U.S, but most of the world is watching the country to see what will happen. Many other countries are concerned if Trump will win because of his wild ideas. Clinton has not really explained her foreign policy well, so we do not really know what to expect.  Europe has been concerned about the election because of Trump’s relationship with the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

During the three presidential debates, Clinton and Trump had to express their ideas or tell their plans for specific topics, many of which resulted in an argument between the two presidential rivals. Both did not show the kind of respect you would think a future president should give when they constantly interrupted each other and the moderator.

The polls have shown that Hillary Clinton is leading, but Donald Trump believes it is the “crooked” media that is making him behind Clinton. It is (kind of) safe to say, though, that Clinton will win the election, unless a miracle happens (which I hope doesn’t…), but we cannot know for sure until November 8 comes and the results are in. Until then, let’s hope that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will say or do anything crazy to ruin their reputation.

By Danny Miron

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