Yearbook Picture Day

pictureInfoYearbook Photo Day:

Good afternoon! Duke Photography will be on campus on Tuesday, November 1st for all underclass (junior, sophomore and freshman) photography for the yearbook, and on Tuesday, November 8th to take senior tux-and-drape photographs for the yearbook. As always, no purchase is necessary, but for those who wish to purchase photos this is a great opportunity for Seniors to immortalize their academic success at a very reasonable price. Printed order forms will be distributed to Science and Social Studies classrooms soon, as well as the Front Desk and the Student Activities office.

Photo Day Procedures:

This year’s photography will be held in the Middle Gym. Students should be escorted to the East entrance to the Middle Gym during their Science class for underclassmen, or their Government/Econ class for Seniors.

Tuesday, November 1st is for underclassmen only. All Junior, Sophomore and Freshman Science teachers are to escort their classes at an appointed time to the Middle Gym, where students will be signed in and lined up to take their photos.

Tuesday, November 8th is for senior tux-and-drape photography only. Senior Social Studies teachers will escort their classes to the Middle Gym at an appointed time, where students will be signed in and assisted with putting on their tux jacket or drape. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the tux and drape photography we receive each year, it will remain the continuing standard for senior Yearbook photography. However, seniors may rest assured that Duke will be back in the Spring to provide traditional cap-and-gown photography for those who desire it.

In preparation for the “tux and drape” photography, here are some tips on how students should dress for the event: Senior guys need to be able to get down to a white or dark colored t-shirt, not muscle shirt, for the tux shirt, tie and jacket to go over.  The ladies need to wear a spaghetti strap or tank top that the shoulders can be pulled down the arm a few inches, so the drape will cover their clothes completely and leave the shoulders bare (although, if desired, the drape can cover the shoulders completely). To stay in compliance with the school dress code, ladies should wear a cover shirt until their picture time.

Make-up Picture Day

Duke will be continuing the practice of offering flexibility in senior photography options. If a senior (or underclassman) misses the November 8th photo opportunity (or wishes to have their photo retaken), they have a second opportunity to be photographed on a make-up day to be announced at a later date. All seniors also have the option to visit Duke Photography’s studios at 2810 N 7th Avenue in person to get their yearbook tux-and-drape photo. Seniors choosing this option are under no obligation to purchase any photos, but have the benefit of being able to be photographed on their own terms and at their leisure.  Seniors who visit Duke in person also have the option to participate in a full photo session with friends, props, multiple poses and outfits if they so choose, but this is not a requirement and these extra photos will not be used in the yearbook. Regardless of the option chosen, all student photography must be completed by Friday, December 19th to be included in the yearbook.

Ordering Info:

There are two easy ways of ordering pictures. The first step for both ways is to get an order envelope. If the student is paying by cash, check or credit card, just have them fill out the order envelope and place the payment method inside and advise them to return it to the photographer on picture day. The second method is for online secure credit card purchasing. Students can go to and click on “my images” and type Carl Hayden in the search field of the galleries. Click on the Carl Hayden Pre-Order gallery and follow the simple ordering instructions. Pre-Order will be available up to three days after picture day. After that time the portrait packages will increase in price. Students who order early can significantly save.  Have students fill out the envelope that came from the school with their information, package selection and order confirmation number, and return the envelope to the photographer on picture day. Please note that teachers nor the bookstore will be collecting pay envelopes at any time.