Movie Review: Star Wars the Force Awakens


This review of Star Wars the Force Awakens has lots of spoilers. Along with that, I will be pointing out its flaws. If you do not want to see any spoilers, AVOID THIS REVIEW AND WATCH THE MOVIE.

The Hype:

When the first teaser of the new Star Wars movie was leaked, every Jedi and their droid was going wild. With footage of the Millennium Falcon in a dogfight with TIE fighters, millions were just excited to even see this one scene. Truly, it was something marvelous when millions are excited to see a sequel to a movie that was released about 30 years ago. It only got better as we got to see our favorite smugglers, Han Solo and Chewbacca. With so many tickets being pre-ordered and ticket vending websites constantly crashing, you could only hope that some other people can even see the movie after it is released in theatres.

Rehashed Plot:

There isn’t anything wrong with nostalgia. It’s what made hope for a new movie in the Star Wars franchise. But there is a problem when it’s too nostalgic. What I’m trying to say is that the plot for The Force Awakens has been done before. Not exactly to the point where you can do a side by side comparison but, the main points are what makes it really show. You have a main character leaving a planet desert filled with bandits and broken down ships and droids. The main character meets Han Solo while he is in a bad possession with a mafia. The First Order/Empire has a planet-sized weapon that can destroy planets within minutes. Then you have the Rebel Alliance/The Resistance attacking the First Order’s/Empire’s planet-sized colony weapon. Then the attack is pyrrhic victory, at the cost of many. Then there is a lightsaber duel with the the Sith Lord that leads to one of the main characters getting a life threatening injury. And then there is a giant retreat and then the movie ends around there. We’ve seen it already, although it’s supposed to be part of the nostalgia factor, it’s seems so strange .

And for a movie that was so hyped up, it was done well, but it some more of the new plot elements should have been shown.


Finn is a bit of a let down. In the trailers he is portrayed as a character that was very interesting, but the problem is he already decided what he wanted to do within the first ten minutes of the movie. The most he struggles with is whether he should fight the First Order or just disappear out of fear. Sure there’s a few moments where his decision to leave the First Order comes back to hit him, but it’s so small. Along with that, he does almost nothing in the movie, sure he is the reason why Ray got wrapped up into the plot but after that, he does nothing but just give the schematics to the Star Killer and lose a fight to Kylo Ren. Literally, all of his parts could’ve been replaced. But although he did nothing, his general personality is great. You can tell that John Boyega was trying his all with a scared adult. He was just not given much to work with. Finn’s story was too little, and he should have been given more to work. Along with that there is also the question of why is he so weak. He is stormtrooper that was trained from a young age, isn’t he supposed to at least fight for himself and not get beaten up so easily.

Kylo Ren

starwars2There are so many things right and wrong about Kylo that it’s ridiculous. First of all it’s the fact that he tries too hard to be Darth Vader and misses it right away with some things. I know this is small but, what’s with his microphone? You can understand Darth Vader completely with what he was given, yet Kylo just sounds like he went to Walmart and got his mic there. He was really buzzy and didn’t have a pop filter so it was much more to hear him without the mask. Saying that already feels bad since he is supposed to be dark and mysterious, yet his own image just seems like a brute. But what makes him so enjoyable is that he is so easy to anger. Just seeing him go ham with his lightsaber over a little problem really is enjoyable and shows that he isn’t messing around. Then there is his story which is actually compelling. He wants to be powerful like his grandfather Darth Vader, but he can’t fully bring himself to surrender to the dark side. The way for him to fully let go is to kill his father. Even then, he doesn’t find his legitimate father, Han Solo, as his real father, but still kills him instead as a way to show that he still acknowledges him. In a lot of ways he is going back and forth with his emotions which is the way to the dark side, but he still struggles with the dark side as he has too many things going on in his mind. The fact that he killed Han Solo is a bit unforgivable from a fans point of view, and he is a bit of a pretty boy for what is supposed to be a dark and shady figure that has a lot of pent up aggression. But he is the reason why we have the funniest twitter account in history. @Kylo_R3n #EmoKyloRen

Luke Skywalker

So the last three seconds were just a slap to the face. Mark Hamill has been a question in many people’s minds and there were theories over what was his position, or if he joined the dark side, what happened to him. Then most of the movie was spent just finding and completing the map to find out where Luke is since he is the only one that can bring balance to the force. And even when the map was completed, he was just on screen for a few seconds, then credits role. He just shows, then there is a spiraling camera, then end. It was disappointing and epic at the same time, but they have had more screen time or at least just ended when Rey lands on the planet and set and done.

By Jaime Lopez