Game Review: Skylanders

amended_composite_Logo_pref_4If you have played Spyro the Dragon, there is this new game that you can play that bring toys to life. The game is called Skylanders. It all started with Spyro’s Adventure and became the biggest game series. When you get the game, it comes with three figures, a portal of power, and a game disc. The most famous villain in each game in this series is Kaos. In the gourth game (Trap Team), you can trap villains like Kaos and Chompy Mage and make them fight for you. Let’s go through the series.

The first games of the series was Spyro’s Adventure. This game involved the legendary character of the most famous retro game, Spyro the Dragon and other characters like Trigger Happy, Gill Grunt, and Cynder. This game is like every Spyro the Dragon you ever played but with newer villains. This game is about Spyro’s fight to get Skylands back from the evil Lord Kaos. When you get to Boss Fights, the first one you fight is the Dark Soul of Spyro and when you get to fighting Kaos, you fight the Evil Skylanders and Kaos’ Dragons. I would say that this game was amazing because of the legend returning to fight with friends to get their property back from a villain.

I haven’t played the second and the third game of series but I have played the fourth game in the series. The game is called Trap Team and the game could be mobile or on the console. I have played the mobile version and I gotta say that it was the best 30 minutes that I have spent everyday playing this game and this game is about making villains fight along with you by trapping them. The villains that my brothers and I have trapped is Brawl and Chain, Chompy Mage, and Chill Bill. When you do boss battles it might get a little harder because the villain you might be fighting is a little more evil than Kaos. This game released was released in 2014 but it is loads of FUN.

By Sajad Illfaif