Oscar and Matthew’s Crazy Time Challenge – Oreo Challenge

This week on Oscar and Matthew’s Crazy Time Challenge, we had Trevonta Piper filling in for Oscar Lopez. We invited Ricardo Alaniz and Moises Romero to do the Minute to Win It Oreo Challenge. 

The rules are you have to put an Oreo on your forehead and try to get it in your mouth without your hands, in one minute. There has been an additional element to the challenge: if Matthew loses he has to do the cinnamon challenge. The winner will get a secret item out of the mystery box. What could it be? Is it money or more Oreos? The results will shock you.

If you wanna see us do a challenge you pick, then if you see us around tell us what challenge you want to see us to do next.

By Matthew Bazan

By Matthew Bazan
Videography by Angela Valdez