Teacher Profile: Elizabeth Venable

venableElizabeth Venable
Age: 35
Birthday: May 2, 1980
Favorite snack/food: Fruit
How long have u been a teacher? 12 weeks
What are some of your hobbiesDance, reading, hiking, crafts

Where are you from? Phoenix, AZ
What do you teach here at CHHS? Biology
How have these 12 weeks been so for? Next year will/should be better.
Message to the students of CHHS: “Biology is fun”.

About Ms.Venable: Ms.Venable is an awesome teacher and she loves to teach and have fun with her students. Every time there is a holiday or something, or even just to be fun she gives out CANDY!! But the real thought is that if you don’t have Ms.Venable for biology, GET HER!!

By Trevonta Piper