Hour of Code Activity – Tech Workshop 2016

For this one-hour activity, you will have three choices:

Choice #1 – for beginners:

Go to the hour of code website. There are many activities to choose from. Pick one and get started.

hour of code website

Best choices: Classic Maze (angry birds), Star Wars, Minecraft, Flappy game

Choice #2 – if you have already done Hour of Code

Use the Alice website to create your own program. Start the program by clicking on the shortcut on the desktop.

Start with the Fish and Shark world. Follow the online video instructions to make the animation. You can watch the entire video lecture, which goes through the four-step process, or start at 6:45 with the code.

Now add your own objects to the world. Add code to have the objects interact with the fish and shark.

Choice #3 – if you have some experience already with coding

Program a Finch robot using Python.

Start with the Finch-Sensors-Tech program. You must download this from the school server. Get a student mentor to help you.

Get a Finch robot and plug it in.

Follow the online video lecture to help you with the code.

One more thing to do:

You can play some games that were programmed by students earlier this year. The games are online. Click on each link to see the code and play the game.

Isaiah Rhymes

Samuel Sesena

Michael Gomez

Juan Carlos