Principal’s Message #2

Mr. Cordova would like to thank all the Veterans that served and protected our country on Veterans Day, which is on Nov. 11. Mr. Cordova would also like to thank Mr. Gracia for the excellent car show. Mr. Cordova talks about the start of winter sports, which are boys soccer, girls soccer, boys basketball, girls basketball, and wrestling. If you want to sign up for any of these sport see Ms. Bundy to sign up. If you don’t want to sign up, you are encouraged to come to the games and support our Falcons. Mr. Cordova has a message for the seniors, saying that every senior must register for college, even if you don’t plan to attend at this time. You still must register. Mr. Cordova also addresses that no student at Carl Hayden should be getting Fs in any of their classes. If you’re getting an F in one of your classes you should go to advisory for that class and bring that grade up. Talk to your teachers; they are willing to help you bring your grade up.

Interview by Matthew Bazan and Oscar Lopez. Text by Oscar Lopez