My Opinion: Kidz Bop ruins good music

kidsBopDo you ever wonder why you hear goody two shoes kids singing popular songs but not using the actual lyrics?

Kidz Bop is the answer to why you hear good kids singing popular songs without the explicit lyrics. Kidz Bop is a thing that can ruin popular songs like Trap Queen and GDFR. I don’t enjoy their freaking music because of what they have done to popular music. How about letting your kids listen to anything else other than Rap and R&B music? Try country and classical music; they are the kind of music that good kids should listen to and not Kidz Bop. Kidz Bop sucks; real music is better than that. If there was a bonfire, I would grab all of the Kidz Bop CDs and throw them in the fire. If they continue making more CDs of Kidz Bop music, I would slap all of the kids that sang non-explicit song that the radio should have done with the original songs.

By Sajad Illfaif