My Opinion: No homework on weekends!

Disclaimer: this opinion was made for the people mad at the world and blames homework for it. No words are actually meant by the author.

holiday-homeworkDear Teachers,

It’s Friday and just as we are about to go out the door for the weekend, teachers give us homework. We know teachers say ‘Do you think we want to spend the weekend grading your stuff?’ To them I say, ‘You chose to be a teacher; I didn’t choose to have homework.’ Which would then be followed by a detention (sore loser). Just give me more homework, why don’t you?

I realize homework is just a way to not forget the things we did on Friday. You need to realize, we have school off on weekends so we can relax from the hard work we do. At a job, when you have a day off, you don’t work for your boss that day. You are not going to get fired; you not going to be like Craig from the movie Friday. Your job is to teach us stuff at school and let us move on at the end of the school year. Our job at school is to listen to you or we will see you over and over and over again every year until we pass all your tests.

Homework will be burned or fed to our dogs over and over until you decide to stop giving it to us. In the near future, we will come back here and tease how we passed your class, barely doing our homework. If we choose not to do homework, that’s on us, but don’t enforce more work because of it. We, the students, don’t need a reason to loathe the weekend like school days, besides Saturday school. This riot will continue until the weekend homework is thrown into a black hole or an abyss where it may suffer for ever being made in the first place.

Do you know what I received after having a long week at school, ready for the weekend where I don’t have to do anything but relax and forget about school? I got HOMEWORK. So I covered it in peanut butter, gave it to my dog, and told the truth to my teacher that my dog ate it. When people at the beach have a bonfire, I write down all my thoughts about the teachers on the homework papers and throw it in the fire. We’d do the homework, but when you ask for it, we’ll put it in your face, rip it up, burn the pieces, and put the ashes in the trash.

Love, slightly,
Carl Hayden D average students

By Matthew Bazan