Student Profile: Jesus Manzo

jesusManzoName: Jesus Manzo
Age: 16
Grade: 10
Favorite color: Red because it’s the color of his second favorite basketball team which is the Bulls.
Born: Phoenix, Az
Elementary school: Garcia Elementary
College: ASU because he would like to be an engineer and play on the basketball team.
Favorite social networking site: Instagram

Favorite season: Winter because he likes to drink hot chocolate.
Favorite holiday: Christmas because he gets gifts and likes to spend time with family.
Favorite food: Cereal because he likes milk.
Favorite subject: Math because it’s fun.
What scares you the most: Losing his loved ones.
What’s something you don’t like: Bullies because they’re mean.
Favorite memory: When he promoted from eighth grade because he promoted.
Goal: Would like to become a US Marshall because they get paid well.

By Angela Valdez