Student Profile – Sujey Payan

sujeyName: Sujey Payan
Age: 16
Grade: 11
Favorite color: Red
Birth place: Phoenix,Az
Elementary school: Alta E. Butler
College: Phoenix College
Favorite social networking site: Facebook
Favorite season: Winter
Favorite holiday: Christmas because she gets new clothes and a lot of other things.
Favorite food: Tamales
Favorite subject: Math because she likes to solve problems.
What scares you the most: Clowns
What’s something you don’t like: when people smoke around her.
Favorite memory: When she went to the state fair with her friend last year because it was the first time she got on all the rides. Her experience on the rides was great because she was afraid to get on them but enjoyed the rush.
Goal: would like to become a cosmetologist because doing different types of hairstyles are nice instead of having the same hairstyles all the time. Her favorite hairstyle is waterfall braid with curls. She was inspired by the way a hairstylist does hair for girls on their special day on instagram.

By Angela Valdez