Being a Senior

For years and years everyone builds up so much knowledge and readiness for their senior year. We all want to be on the top of the high school charts. We all just want to get out of high school so we don’t have to wake up in the morning, or have to see the same teachers for a whole year. It’s been the same since kindergarten, though. But being a senior has its perks no matter if we are in high school. There is just something about being a senior that excites this generation. We go through life just wanting to get out of high school. Some of us don’t want to leave, waking up to the people we see everyday, but others can care less about what high school is and rather go do drugs at some house. Senior year to Brian Fernandez means his last and final year of high school and what he is going to do for the rest of his life, and to Mariela Rosas it also means to get out of school and not see anyone anymore.

But what does being a senior really mean to you. It means lots of things to different people. It doesn’t mean that we are at the top because there is always someone above you, and everyone know that it’s kind of a rude thing to say but we have to accept the way we are. Being a senior also shows how much work and dedication you have put to get yourself to where you are, and where you want to be. Now you can’t really brag about being a senior, and know that you aren’t going to graduate because that isn’t fair, you are putting thoughts in your mind that you are something. Graduating is a different level than just being a senior, but that’s not what we are talking about. To me being a senior is a different experience because there is so much responsibilities you have to put up with. For example, to Jonathan Rodriguez being a senior means “being a stressed out young adult trying to get by high school without failing or disappointing your parents to become a successful individual in life.” High school is a very stressful four years of your life! Senior year is the most stressful for most people. Others that have gone over and beyond to go where they see themselves in the future, senior year is a piece of pie. To senior Amiee Gonzalez, “Being a senior means more responsibility yet being so irresponsible and making choices that affect us each day. Those choices whether good or bad make our senior year memorable.”

The closer we get to graduation the more we realize that we aren’t going to have to wake up early to come to high school. Soon we all will be waking up to go to college and starting our future just as we get up and put on makeup or do our hair. But if we just stop to think about all the memories that we have been through with each other it gets to us. Now I am sure you have heard that the friends you were in high school with, aren’t going to be there for you after high school, and most likely that is true but we shouldn’t hold on to the past because there is so many memories waiting to be done. To all of Class of 2015, enjoy graduation because that might be the last time you ever see them again. Congrats and lets start our lives right! CLASS OF 2015!!!!!!

By Emily Fuentes, Class of 2015