My Opinion: No school of Fridays

In my opinion, there should be no school on Fridays.

During a five-day week, many students go straight from school to sports or extracurricular activities, as well as family responsibilities and appointments. However, some students find this schedule overwhelming.  A four-day school week allows students an extra day to either catch up on work missed because of these commitments or to participate in them.

A five-day school week keeps children occupied and hardly any time for themselves, not only will a four-day school week be beneficial the students but also the teachers. It would provide them more time for thoughtful lesson plans. It would keep them less stressed because they would have more time to think and provide for themselves.

A four day school week also benefits the attendance policy, not only for students but also for teachers. Many students and staff members take Fridays off and with Friday being off the schedule, attendance would not be such a big issue.

A reduction in system spending may be a significant factor considered when moving to a four-day school week. Money spent to fund school breakfast and lunch programs are reduced. Not only that but also transportation costs will be reduced on buses.

School would be longer Monday thru Thursday and the hours would add up to compensate for the Friday we do not go to school. So taking Fridays off school schedule would not only benefit students and staff members, but also transportation, and school money funds on school food.

By Kim Montenegro