Computer magnet students build bottle rockets

Rockets ignite the imagination and fascinate young scientists. Multimedia Presentations 1-2H students, who create animations, traveled to the Arizona Science Center to build soda bottle rockets and collect photos and videos for a computer program designed to show the construction and testing process. Fourteen students worked in teams to construct rockets from common household materials. With the guidance of the Science Center staff, students designed and built rockets following simple principals of aerodynamics.

Teams used a combination of water and air pressure to fuel their rockets and launched them hundreds of feet into the air. Students are currently working in teams in the classroom to design the computer interface for the project and the videos and animations, which will provide users with an interactive rocket building experience. Participating juniors and seniors are: Victor Elenes, Juan Garcia, Melina Robles, Alexis Alegria, Carlos Hernandez de la Cruz, Michael Mosqueda, Brian Serrano, Ventura Cantu, Elizabeth Tarin, Tomas Meza, Jose Islas, Miguel Leyva, Mrianda Saldivar and Adrian Ramirez.

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Video and story by Michele Delgado, Multimedia teacher