Class Spotlight: Newspaper

(Video corrections: the website is now, and the broadcast class is now part of the newspaper class)

newsLarge2014Not everyone gives a lot of credit to people in newspaper because they do not know what they do behind the computer screen or on paper. Journalism can be a living if you want it to be. Like the people that are on your TV screen acting, they are not on there just saying whatever they want. There are people that record it, and write the script. Seidi Castaneda told me “Newspaper doesn’t get enough recognition for all the work we put in, and sometimes more than in class or after school.”

Seidi is a sophomore in newspaper for her first year and she loves it. She thinks newspaper helps her get out and not be that one person that goes straight home after school. She has things to do after school or gets to meet new people because of newspaper. People in newspaper get a lot cool things to do, and get some stuff for free, too. Like for basketball games, or even prom. We get the privilege to go to special events for free because we love journalism and we cover the event for the newspaper website.

Kim Montenegro, junior in newspaper, is also a first year in newspaper. Her thoughts on newspaper are that its an easy grade, and all the stuff newspaper does is fun. Kim does not think she will be in it next year because journalism is not her thing, so she will keep looking for what she likes. Jasmine Bustillos, a sophomore in newspaper for her first time, also thinks different about newspaper. Because she likes journalism, she will be in newspaper next year. Her thoughts are, “I think its fun because you can find out interesting things you did not know about before.”

I am a senior that is also in newspaper. This is my second year of journalism but my first year in newspaper. Last year I was new to the broadcast class, and I liked computers. So throughout the year I learned to love journalism. Then I found out that Innovative Technologies wasn’t going to be a broadcast class anymore, but there was newspaper newspaper class. So I had to take the offer, and I’m glad I did because I got to learn more about newspaper, and its just something I learned to love!

If you still do not know what we do, we produce all the material for the website that you hear everywhere about:, Yeah that’s us. Before we were HaydenHub we had an actual newspaper that was printed and given to students. It was called Cornerstone. Most of the stories you see online right now would be in a newspaper if the Internet wasn’t so popular. We are the people that have the update on everything!

Right now there are only nine people in the newspaper class, and we need more of you guys to join us. If you have any stories you want people to notice or if you like writing, or taking pictures, or doing video, come and see us in room 204 with Ms. Jones. We always need new members to join our team. Counselors are coming by your advisory class soon to help your register for classes. You can be the next haydenhub star.

By Emily Fuentes