Teacher Profile: Karen Scott-Moore

KarenScottMoorePerforming Arts teacher Karen Scott-Moore has been playing piano since she was ten. Not just that, but also choir and band. She was even in the performing arts when she attended a Phoenix Union high school. Her love of music has turned into what she would call a “natural feeling.”

Scott-Moore directs both choir and piano, which she very much enjoys. Although she does both, she sees them as two different things. Both of which she cares equally about.

In piano, theres a lot of practice involved. But it’s all worth it in the end. “When you do something you love, it’s almost like you’re not working,” she said.

The same thing goes for choir. “Practice makes perfect,” Scott-Moore would say. “As a teacher, you enjoy seeing the relationships that form with the kids. Their leadership skills develop. And you have to be able to sing without getting mixed up.”

Scott-Moore is dedicated to what she does. She has her own view of what it’s like. “It has to come from the heart,” she stated, “Your passion from all.”

If anyones ever interested on seeing what it’s like, they can go see for themselves. “The community can come see our annual holiday concert,” Scott-Moore said. Or if anyone is ever thinking about joining choir, you can go see Scott-Moore after school to sing for her.

Her only advice is simple. “Failure is not an option,” she stated.  

By Lilibeth Olivares