Teacher Profile: Nicole Klopp

nicoleKloppTeaching was not the first choice for Carl Hayden’s English teacher Nicole Klopp. She worked on a degree in Political Science and didn’t go straight to teaching. After college, Klopp went into the business world. She mostly worked on sales but didn’t stick with just one job. Her sales business was all over the place, not selling anything specific but a little bit of everything. She sold services, worked for different companies, and was in the human resources department.

When Klopp got tired of working in a cubicle, there was something in her that made her want to become a teacher. It wasn’t an automatic sign up for teaching; she had to go back to school and learn everything needed to be for that profession but she did it. She earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of Arizona and her masters at Arizona State University. “Everyday is different,” she said, which is a little something she likes about her daily job.

What inspired her to become a teacher was her love for books and the desire to work with students. “I always see students set these goals for themselves but most don’t follow through with them,” she said. “They need to go to school to make them come true.” So she obviously encourages all students to complete school, go to college, and do something they love. She currently still loves teaching and is pregnant with twins.

By Seidi Castaneda