Teacher Profile: Tom Brewer


A young Tom Brewer on top of a submarine.

Tom Brewer, freshmen physical science teacher, has been on a nuclear submarine. He even took a picture that he keeps on his wall where he is on top of the submarine in the middle of the ocean. Brewer said the reason he was on that submarine was because it was for biology.

“The submarine  felt like you were inside a classroom,” Brewer said. “I even got to drive the submarine, which was scary but the the experience was worth it.” Brewer said that many people can’t say that they have been on a submarine, so he is very lucky.  

Brewer has also been on a SEAL team training base. “We took some students up to a biology lab up in San Diego, and we didn’t know that it was right next to a SEAL team training base,” he sad. Brewer also saw the team train one time.

tomBrewerCurrent“A bunch of guys came in dirty and sat down, poured coffee on themselves, HOT COFFEE, and stuffed themselves for about five minutes,” Brewer said. “Then a guy came in and blew his whistle and they left.”  

Brewer has been told  he looks like Tom Cruise. Beside being a teacher, Brewer enjoys gardening, refinishing furniture, fishing, and hiking. The reason he loves to hike is because it’s like doing yoga but it’s even better for people.

“Hiking is a good way to clear your mind and it’s also good for you,” he said.

By Francisco Arreola