Teacher Profile: Maria Padilla-Paz

padillaPazMaria Padilla-Paz is an English as a Second Language teacher. Padilla -Paz graduated from high school in Peoria. She has a Master’s degree, plus an extra 45 college credits. She has been teaching for 46 years. Padilla-Paz has taught in four different places. She taught in Tennessee, Kentucky, Vermont, and Arizona. Padilla taught seven years in Tennessee, seven in Kentucky, nine in Vermont, and 23 in Arizona.

Padilla-Paz has been teaching at Carl Hayden for 14 years. ‘’I decided to move to Arizona because my children wanted to study at Arizona State University,’’ she said. Her three children have each have a Master’s degree in education.

Padilla-Paz loves her job and what she gets to do. ‘’I always learn something new from my students,’’ she said.

Padilla-Paz is a wonderful teacher who loves to share her knowledge to those students who want to learn English. “I always tell my students, ‘’It is not what what your country can do for you, it is what you can do for your country’.’’ she said.

By Maria Gonzalez