Teacher Profile: Ling Xia

lingXiaChinese teacher Ling Xia was born in Shanghai, China, the most populated city in China. Shanghai has over one million people in that city alone.

What made her move all the way from Shanghai to Phoenix? “My sister moved to the U.S. and told me it was such a great place,” she said. “So I moved here to have a better life and have more opportunities.” She misses the food back in China and going to the market in the morning to get fresh vegetables and meat.

“I miss the massages back in China,” she said. “The ones here are expensive. Over there in China they’re very cheap.”

Xia was a teacher in China. She has been a teacher since 2002 at Carl Hayden. After she finished her Master’s Degree at ASU, a friend told her she could still teach, so she got an interview at Hayden and got the job. Xia has been here ever since.

During vacation, Xia loves to travel. She has gone to many parts of Europe, Asia, back to China, Hawaii, Florida, Canada, Mexico, and Alaska. Her overall favorite trip was Colorado. Her favorite place is Jiuzhaigou, a place where you can go see the pandas.

Xia likes Thai, Japanese, and Chinese food. She also likes sauteed vegetables and all kinds of food. She is married and has a daughter. She plans to get a puppy for Christmas, a small dog because she doesn’t like big dogs. She had a bad encounter with a German Shepherd, which made her prefer small dogs.

By Patricia Medrano