Staff Profile: Sharon Stephens

nurseSharonSharon Stephens is the new nurse in town. She likes her job and being one of the helpers around here. Stephens shared with us a bit of her history as a nurse, comments on school, and life itself.

Her experience at Hayden as a nurse started off well. “I have been treated very well,” she said. “Very politely, very few exceptions to that, but overall I have been treated with a great amount of respect.”

Can’t exactly say she’s new to the game but just new to the place. She got her nursing degree in 1978 and says that she can’t think of a nursing job that she hasn’t had.

“I love teenagers,“ she said. “I really like being around young people. I like the fact that I get a lot of one on one with the students and just being a teacher to them; telling them why something works a certain way or what causes something.”

Although there are some students who do go to her room to slack off she doesn’t just ignore them. “I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but I do want to take care of kids that really need to get taken care of.”

After all, she is a mother and she truly enjoys taking care of youth. Throughout the interview, she gave us honest answers but also gave us a certain quote that she’d like to have students follow.

“You’re not going to live long enough to make very mistake,” she said. “So sometimes, when you’re parents say ‘it’s a mistake,’ take their word for it.”

By Seidi Castaneda and Emily Fuentes