slowpokememeMemes have been around longer than most people think. The history of memes can be traced back to almost the mid 1970s.The term “meme” was first used by Richard Dawkins in The Selfish Gene. Memes have come a long way to get to what they are now. Memes come in many forms, but most share similar traits like brevity and familiarity.

“To improve your memes you must do your research on,” said freshman Pedro Castillo, the unofficial professor of memes at Carl Hayden. “For example when using the Slowpoke meme you should use something that’s happened in the past and the Slowpoke barely finds out about it because he is slow.” For Pedro, the best place to find memes is at

cheezburgerzSophomore Luis Valencia finds memes on Facebook because people post them. Valencia has been called the Meme King because he makes so many memes. He believes that memes should make sense and be made less vulgar.

Omar, a freshman, also finds memes on Facebook. He believes that memes should be how they are because it depends on what you find finny. Kevin Coria finds his favorite memes on

Memes are different and funny in their own way. Some like different memes more than others. Others just want a quick laugh. The memes that everyone knows and loves will always be classics but there will be memes that fail and rise to success.There are lots of people that devote their time making good memes for mckaylamemeus to laugh.

By Cristian Dorame