Student Profile: Ashlyn Miyamoto

ashlynAshlyn Miyamoto

What is one talent you have? I play the violin and the cello.
What are your hobbies? My hobbies include reading and listening to music.
If you could hang out with someone for a day,who would it be? I would hang out with Johnny Depp, because he is my favorite actor.
What is something unique about yourself? I’m the only “Hawaiian” in the school.
What is something you like about yourself? I like the fact that I’m always happy.
What is your favorite color and what does it mean to you? Blue, to me it represents the ocean (like my old home).
What is something you don’t like? I don’t like being led on…
What animal would you want to be? Meow…a kitty.
What superpower would you want? Teleportation, so I’ll never be late.
What scares you the most? CLOWNS!!!!!!!!!-no joke.
What is your favorite holiday? New years.
What is your favorite gadget? My cellphone.

By Michael Figueroa