Student Profile: Angel Ochoa

angelOchoaAngel Ochoa

What is one talent you have? I can talk like a lot of people.
What are your hobbies? I play basketball.
If you could hang out with someone for a day,who would it be? Michael Jordan because he plays basketball.
What is something unique about yourself? That I am the tallest in my family.
What is something you like about yourself? My tallness.
What is your favorite color and what does it means to you? Red because it means me.
What is something you don’t like? Backstabbers.
What animal would you want to be? A eagle.
What superpower would you want? Shift shape into anything.
What scares you the most? Snakes.
What is your favorite holiday? Valentines day.
What is your favorite gadget? My phone.

By Michael Figueroa