Something from a Senior: Scared of Ourselves

I know what it’s like, to feel like the very moment you have reached self discovery, a wave of doubt drowns out any hope for it.

Confronting yourself is difficult. To look within and question your own emotions is not only hard to do but immensely courageous. It is a confusing time we are experiencing. We are encouraged to discover ourselves and are expected to make mistakes along the way, yet there is a constant and contradicting reminder being hammered into our brain that the decisions we make today will affect the rest of our lives. So what do we do? How can we find out what the heck we are capable of and who we are if there seems to be no room for error.

I say the only way to survive is to be alone sometimes. Gift yourself with being solitary. Allow yourself the luxury of hearing your own thoughts. Interrogate yourself. Don’t contribute to an idea of self ignorance. Forbid the words, “I don’t know” to slip from your lips. You do know. You have always known…because you are you. You have a distinct opinion. You have chosen a side. Your thoughts matter, if not anyone else, to yourself.

Whatever issue you are dealing with can be at least understood. So many times we hide our troublesome thoughts deep in our minds or hearts or souls in attempt to convince ourselves of their disappearance. And in that crevice of dark emotions, these gather up dust and become even more dangerous to our sanity.

Bring the worrying thoughts out. Let them scare you and then take your time to understand the terror. Don’t search for answers in the words of others. Trust yourself. You know more about this “conflict” than anyone else. Understand the problem. You may not be able to immediately be relieved from the stress, anger, or sadness but once you understand what it is that brings you down, you have control.

Life is not without worries, but it is also not without solutions. And most of the time these solutions come to be, not from your friends or a therapist or a quote on Twitter. They come from within yourself. You are an expert on your own emotions. It is only fear that pushes you away from reaching emotional comfort. Your thoughts are intricate and your worries confusing but if anyone can figure out. It’s you.

By Anna Flores