Video Game Review: Super Mario 3D World

superMario3DThe Super Mario 3D World game will be added next month, and I predict it might be more popular than the past Super Mario games. The director Koichi Hayashida had this game in mind when he developed Super Mario 3D Land. He also created the Super Mario Galaxy series, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario 3D Land.

The way the game is played is with the wii u game controller. The remote controls have the main role in the game because you can use the  touchscreen  to freeze moving floors, enemies, and when a piece of land looks suspicious to you can just slide your finger on the screen to find invisible coins.

Another thing about the control is that when you move it you can find hidden stars to earn more points. Also it helps to see the world in different points of view sometimes. The game will have new features in it too, like being able to pick a character instead of being Mario all the time You can pick Luigi, Toad, or Princess Peach. Each character has one special ability, like Peach’s ability to float, Luigi’s high jump, and Toad’s fast speed.

When you and three friends play mult-iplayer you can see a scoreboard and see who came in first or last place. You can replay the map and change the past outcome of the scores. These charts are sorted in different categories for players that are new to the system, like Princess Peach is low tier because of her ability to float, which gives her an advantage so she won’t fall into bottomless pits. Toad is a high tier character because of his speed.

To see more game details go to for more info about the game. Good bye for now.

By Michael Figueroa