Pro/Con: Has technology been a positive thing for people?


Technology: our future, our life

Technology has made our lives easier. Since technology has improved and been updated, we’ve accomplished many things that have improved the way we live day to day. Many inventions like laptops, computers, hybrid cars and smart phones have made this world a better place to live in. If we continue improving technology, who knows? We might even create flying cars or hover boards in two or three years.

As the years have pass by, many things have been modified to help people in their work or in their free time. One of the things that have been improved and is still trying to be tested is a hybrid car that doesn’t run on gasoline, but eventually they will find a solution to create such an invention.

By Lucio Anchondo

Technology ain’t all that

Technology has created unbelievable facilities in the way society lives. It has allowed information to be shared quickly and efficiently and it keeps the whole world on the same page, literally.

Everyone who is anyone has a Twitter, a Facebook, or an Instagram page. People are obsessed with social networking sites and feel “out of the loop” if they don’t participate in any online community. This, however, has cause identity theft, cyber-bullying, and many other dreadful consequences. People looked to the internet for an escape but problems no one ever saw coming have arisen.

Most people don’t care anyway. They still spend hours on their phones or laptops looking through Facebook profiles and watching cat videos rather than finish homework. The internet is addicting. You tell yourself, ”Just one more video, just one more post, just one more picture,” but you find yourself spending the whole day with your face glued to the computer screen.

Technology helps in many ways but  it has also taken up so much of most peoples’ lives. It shouldn’t be that way. The internet, just like everything else, should be used in moderation.

By Anna Flores