Day of the Dead art exhibit

 Through the connections of computer teacher Michele Delgado, all the art teachers and many of their students celebrated the Day of the Dead with an art exhibit at the Bragg’s Pie Factory, which displayed on Friday, Nov. 1, as part of Phoenix’s First Fridays. The exhibit was titled “El Nuevo Regreso” (The New Return Trip Home).

Delgado’s Advanced Media Imaging students will show short digital stories remembering people who have passed away. They first created an image about someone they wanted to honor and then turned the image into an animation. Their projects take about two weeks to put in sound, one week to create the image, and even more time to complete the animation.

“Most students are nervous to do the show because they are sharing a part of their lives to complete strangers,” said Delgado. “I thought it was a great thing to teach because it taught Mexican culture and it helped remember all the people who died.”

The advanced photography students of Monica Ramirez participated in the show.

“It’s a fabulous opportunity for our students to be part of a real art show and to actually be able to show their work to people,” said Ramirez.

 Ceramics teacher Kimberly Schaller gave the opportunity to participate to all of her students.

“Just because a student makes something for the art gallery, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to get in,” Schaller said. “It has to be really good for it to be in the gallery . This project really benefits the students because it motivates them to work harder and actually take pride in their work because it’s not just something that I’m grading.”

Art teacher Cecily Cano and Draw/Paint teacher Sabrina Sauer also had students participating in the art exhibit.  

“It’s phenomenal for an art museum to be giving us an entire three weeks to show our students’ work,” Schaller said.

By Alva Salcido and Yesenia Camacho

Day of the Dead Exhibit at Bragg’s Pie Factory on Nov. 1.

Photos by Jill Jones

Students working on their projects in Advanced Media Imaging.

Photos by Alva Salcido