Cross Country program teaches other skills

Sophomore David Napoles didn’t think about being in cross country but wanted to do something active.

“I like the fact that after we run, we all suffer the same,” Napoles said. “That kind of brings us together. For meets, we run as a team. There is a boy’s team and a girl’s team. We compete with other high schools in Junior Varsity and Varsity.”

Napoles prefers running during winter.

“For us, it’s harder to run in the summer,” said Napoles. “I mean, you could die running in the summer! The team is grateful for the winter months.”

This is the first year coaching cross country for math teacher Diana Roman.She was part of the cross country team when she was a student here at Carl Hayden. The team this year is really special to her.

“It is a small team this year but that forces them to get to know each other,” said Roman. “It makes them create a bond.”

Roman believes cross country teaches the runners other skills.

“Through cross country, students learn leadership skills,” Roman said. “For example I have a runner on the boy’s team that has blossomed into a leader because he wants the team to improve. It also helps them keep up their grades. They are always telling me of classes they have to go to for test make-up and things like that. They have learned determination and time management.”

Napoles is also seeing the value of participating on the cross country team.

“Cross country builds and determination and endurance and it helps you physically and improves your health,” he said.