Something from a Senior: The Forgotten Truth

sadPeople suck sometimes. I get it. Little comments and remarks that cause pain become engraved into your mind and it hurts. This concept of “bullying” or–for lack of a better word– “shit-talking” is and has always been an issue amongst anybody who is obligated to be confronted with social classes and society as a whole. We have heard time and time again about bullying. There are posters at every school warning against these types of situations. The intentions of these posters, assemblies, and lectures are meant to prevent the consequences that anybody, especially young students, can encounter when they become a victim of bullying. It’s a good thing, these posters, yet I cannot help but to think that we, as a society, have become  emotionally weak because of this campaign to avoid verbal abuse.

The fact of the matter is that somebody disliking you or making a comment that isn’t in your favor does not signify that you should go into a fit of depression. I’ve witnessed this countless times especially among girls. One of them hears that someone else was “talking smack” (I’m really trying avoid using curse words on this thing) and she will confront the other one. But what is she expecting? Even if anything wrong was said, what is your questioning supposed to cause?  Is it your dignity, your honor, that is being threatened here? Because let me tell you if you had THAT MUCH self -importance to value, you would not care.

Of course, we do care, right? Most of you live on social media. Yearning for likes and comments; hoping for acceptance. It is this false need for acceptance that produces a significant importance on what people think of you and so when you hear that somebody does not like you…GOD FORBID, it seems like the end of the world. Or when somebody says something offensive, it is all too easy for you to become sentimentality shattered. I believe that’s wrong. I believe that we should encourage emotional strength just as much as we fight against social aggression or bullying. Because the truth is that people do suck sometimes. People are mean; you might be one of those. We all have been “one of those.” But it is pathetic to feed into the idea that you can only fight back against this pain when in reality you could avoid it completely by strengthening yourself emotionally. Learn to focus, not on what people might think of you, but on what you want to think of yourself. It’s cheesy, guys. I KNOW. But it’s an important truth that I think we have all forgotten.