Something from a Senior: The Infamous Sweep

sweepingThe time allowed to get from one class to another is exactly five minutes. It may seem like enough time but when the minute song starts playing and you find yourself not even halfway to your next class, five minutes is nothing.

Many of us have found ourselves literally sprinting to class and just barely making it on time…but there are days when we’re not so lucky. Sometimes a teacher holds you in class for a mere thirty seconds before letting you go. Maybe you had to go to the restroom in between and didn’t run fast enough, and yet because of this you find yourself getting “swept up” by security and on your way to endure a lecture.

Of course, these are the rare cases. The majority of those who are late either drag their feet to class, huddle up with friends,or in the worst cases decide to make out with their significant other as if they might never see each other again. And so, the “sweeping” policy has been installed, but does it really help?

When I see guys hanging around at the stairs or a couple disgustingly eating each other’s faces off, I am glad for the policy. But sometimes I just have to pee, or pick up a book that I left in first hour, or get an ID sticker, and I can’t for fear of the “sweep.”

Punishing students for purposely being late to class is logical but there are some students who had no malicious intent behind their tardiness and yet they are kept from their studies. What really gets to me is the fact the those kids who don’t care for being on time to class enjoy not having to be there. It is a reward to them; another reason to miss class.

I have no genius solution for this but I do feel that students who are unfairly affected by this should voice their opinions and maybe even contribute to a better tardy policy.

By Anna Flores