JROTC competes in CHU I

JROTC oct 2013This last weekend on Saturday, Sept. 28, the JROTC Adventure Team competed in an annual state-wide competition that consisted of six events. The events as follows and results:

  • Orienterring-1 place
  • Rope Bridge-1st place
  • Rappelling-3rd place
  • Leadership reaction Course-4th place
  • Endurance run- 8th place
  • Rope Climb-6th place
  • Overall ranking- 2nd place

This Saturday the team goes to Maryvale H.S. to compete in CHU II which is a physical Fitness test consisting of Pullups, Pushups, Sit-ups, Shuttle Run; 1.5 mile run. Both of these events get added together to determine the 2013-2014 State Champions.

The cadets that competed are: Omar Delgado, Caleb Castro, Robert Yarrito, Felix Espino, Nexcar Roman, Alexis Espinoza, Oscar Rodriguez, Eduardo Navarro, Joshua Soto, Oscar Muniz, Argenis Soto, Annamarie Negrete, Brittany Wilson, Alexandria Guerrero.

By SFC Cliff Brumels