Teacher Profile – Michele Delgado

delgadoMichele Delgado
Computer studies teacher

What do you do on your spare time? “I try to make stuff since I’m an exhibiting artist. I used to have a lot of time, but I started teaching. Now they’re little mentors and they do a lot of Dia de los Muertos activities. Like the multimedia editors, they’re doing really good this year.”

What’s your favorite color and what does it represent to you? “My favorite color is purple and it represents royalty, plus It’s a blend between red and blue. It represents calmness, and in order to reach your goals, you need to mix stuff to get to what you desire, that’s why I like the color purple.”

What’s one thing you like about Carl Hayden? “The main thing that I like about this school are the students. They’re great, they motivate me and there’s so many faculty because that says a lot about the community. And there’s a lot of teachers that have been here a long time and some of them came to this high school in their teen life.”

What’s one memory you have from your high school? “I still have a lot of friends  from my high school but I maintain my relationships and It’s interesting seeing my friends go through different stages and still end up becoming teachers.”

What places have you visited throughout your life? “I’ve been to Western Europe, mostly France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Venezuela,  Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, and Asia.I lived in Japan for six years and I  studied in Mexico for a while.”

By Lucio Anchondo