Teacher Profile – Roxanna Blackson

librarianRoxanna Blackson

What’s your favorite hobby? “I love to read and spending time with my family, but mostly it’s the familia.”

What’s your favorite color and why? “My favorite color is red because it means fiesta, salsa, all those good things in life. I also love purple  and fuchsia but mainly red.”

What do you like about this school? “I love that all the kids seem so respectful. I try not to be negative since I graduated from here too and you’re eager to learn.”

librarian2What’s your favorite memory from Carl Hayden? “My favorite memory was my English teacher because he asked you to exceed on top of other students. In other words he was inspiring.”

Anything else you would like to add? “Im proud to be able to come back and show the students about the books and the way you should interact with them.”

What’s your favorite part of teaching? “Learning new things from my students.”

Do you think this is a beneficial class? “As the librarian I help teachers teach students, so yes I do.”

Why did you choose this subject to teach? “Because I think it’s important for students to know how to use information.”

How long have you been working at Carl Hayden? “This is my first year, but I’ve been a teacher for ten years, and I graduated from Carl Hayden.”

By Lucio Anchondo, Alva Salcido and Yesenia Camacho