Teacher Profile – November

IMG_0013Denise Talamantes
registration clerk

What is your favorite part of being a registration clerk? I like to get involved with the parents. I catch the students when they are absent a lot, and I like to keep track of those kids who miss school a lot.
Why did you decide to become a registration clerk? When I came here I started off as a records clerk. Then this position opened and I saw it as an opportunity to grow academically.
What makes your job fun? I get experience in teenagers. I meet new people, and I like being around with the ladies at the office.
What do you hate the most about being a registration clerk? There’s nothing I really hate or that bothers me, but sometimes I have to multitask a lot. It’s not that it bothers me, but I don’t like it when I get behind on my work.
What is unique about you as a registration clerk? Well I started working here at Carl Hayden when I was 18. I graduated from South Mountain. I’m always in a good mood and I’m also a very positive person.
What do you do during your free time? I’m at home, I spend time with my son, and sometimes I go out to dance. I also hang out with my old high school friends.

-by Lizeth Flores (11/23/10)

mr hoodRichard Hood

science teacher

How long have you been teaching here? I have been teaching here for 2 years.
What do you teach? I teach honors physics and chemistry.
Why do you teach it? Because I have a degree in chemistry, and I am qualified to teach physics.
Why did you decide to teach here? I could teach physics and I got hired.
Where did you teach before you came here? I use to teach at Metro Tech.

-by Angel Diaz (11/24/10)

PictureSharon Swanick

Gifted Seminar and English Honors

How long have you been teaching at Carl Hayden? I have been working since 1997 which make this my fourteenth year working as a teacher, so you can say I have been working here for quite a while.
Why decide to teach this subject? I decided to teach because I love performing in front of an audience and I wanted to teach young  people how to obtain that confidence to perform in front of an audience.
What do you love about teaching? Well of course I would have to say the kids. That is the whole reason why teachers teach.
If you have a choice would you choose another career? Performing. I love performing in front of an audience. I personally enjoy entertaining people with my ventriloquism.

-by Ramon Sanchez (11/03/11)