Teacher Profile – Trish Galindo

galindoCarl Hayden history and theatre teacher Trish Galindo said she didn’t want to be a teacher. ”Both my parents were teachers and I wanted to do the opposite,” she said. “The fates had a different choice and I’m glad for that.”

Ms.Galindo’s class is filled with pictures and posters of her students who she says are amazing and inspiring. Her favorite part of the day is waking up her baby and seeing his big smile.

Ms.Galindo not only writes most of the plays performed at Carl Hayden, but she was also an actress and was part of many big productions. ”I wish I would have been born a man. They have so many great roles on stage for men,” she said.

She knew she wanted to be involved in theatre when she was very young. The moment that changed her life was seeing her first play. ”My dad had always wanted me to play sports but I was horrible at them,” she said. “When I saw that play I thought,’That’s what I want to do’.”

By Anna Flores

What’s your favorite part of teaching? “My students.”

Do you think this is a beneficial class? “Yes, because students get to explore creativity and learn how to effectively work with others.”

Why did you choose this subject to teach? “Its been my passion since I was little to become a drama teacher.”

How long have you been working at Carl Hayden? “This is my 7th year.”

By Alva Salcido and Yesenia Camacho