Pro/Con: Should students be allowed to eat in class?


I don’t think that eating a snack during class time should be against the rules as long as the student cleans up and is not a distraction. This would help schools n because students will be more focused, awake, and excited once they quench their hunger.
By: Alisa Hernandez

No they shouldn’t let students eat in class because it distracts the teacher and other students from THEIR work. They shouldn’t have to watch you eat, listen to you chew, or smell your food. Also because students are going to be asking for food and they are going to be very distracted. Another reason is because students wouldn’t be able to digest the food, therefore students would be very sleepy and tired. They are again not going to pay attention to the lecture. It also makes a mess. Ninety percent of people are pigs who have to be forced to pick up after themselves. That is why students should not be able to eat during class.
By: Julissa Villa