Summer school is available to Carl Hayden students

If you are failing a class, there is still hope for you.summerSchool-300x225

“Summer school helps students to make up credits and get ahead,” said counselor Laura Brown. “ We will also be offering summer school for upcoming freshmen.”

Brown also said that the summer school program has changed from last year.

“Students can now earn one full credit,” says Brown. “It is the first time we have done that.”

There will not be prioritizing among the students; the first students to turn in their applications will be the first to enter.

“Students can now come in the morning and in the afternoon,” said counselor Joel Lopez. “But if the students are absent one day or they’re tardy, they will be dropped. We’re very strict about it.”

Some honor students want to to go to summer school but fear there GPA will go down.

“It depends on what classes they take,” said Lopez. “Summer school is mostly for those students who need to catch up.”

Assistant principal Eric Kemp said that the summer school program will help kids to graduate on time.

“We’re offering five classes for upcoming freshmen,” said Kemp. “They’ll be prepared for their first day of school. We’re offering introduction to Algebra, high school literacy, and independent reading.”

Kemp also said that the summer school program has had some big changes. Besides being able to earn one credit and take morning and afternoon classes, students will be able to do Concept Recovery.

“If a student fails a class with a 45 percent, then, if  the teacher agrees, the student can make up only the parts they missed,” said Kemp. “Instead of taking the full course.”

Students who don’t show up will not be punished. They just won’t earn the credit. If honor students want to take non-honors classes during the summer, that is their choice. Summer school will last for five weeks. The school day will be from 8 a.m., to 4:20 p.m. Students can get an application from the counseling office.

Remember, it is first-come-first-served, so get your application turned in now!