Teacher Profile – David Lewton


David Lewton has been working at Lewton-300x275Carl Hayden High School for ten years. This is his fourth career. He likes Batman and reading comic books. Thirty years ago he moved to Arizona. At age 16 he dropped out of school and started workign. After so many jobs he decided he could do better and went to Phoenix College for two years to get his GED.

Every morning he would make his kids breakfast, get them ready and send them off to school. Then he would go to school as well. He finished school and got is teaching license. There weren’t manyteaching jobs so he went on and became a platter. It was a dangerous job. One day while working he fell down a hole and cut almost all his leg. He had two surgeries. The first one sadly didn’t work so he had another one.

He went back to teaching three years later. He was a substitute and then jobs opened up for a full time teaching position.Carl Hayden was the first school that interviewed him. “It was a perfect match,” he said. He enjoyed his sophomores. “I learned more from them, more than they will ever learn from me.” He works every year from the first day til the end of the year.