Microsoft Surface RT

The Microsoft Surface RT is the next competitor in the tablet market. Boasting Microsoft’s latest operating system; Windows 8, it features its new “Type Cover”, which will give the benefits of a touch-screen keyboard on a physical typing mat. The Surface comes in a two of storage capacities, 32GB or 64GB.

New features of the Microsoft Surface are Microsoft’s new Metro UI. A completely new User interface. One of the more notable features in Metro includes lack of a start button, a major downfall for some users. This new look is intended for tablet, and is meant to be used with your finger, but is also compatible with a mouse.

Applications for the surface can be purchased thru the “Store” icon on the menu, as of 1-31-13 Microsoft has released over 20,000 apps, somewhat miniscule compared to the Apple App Store and Google Play, which both have 700,000 apps, most of which are free. One major downfall is that because it’s a port of Windows to a different architecture, it doesn’t support legacy software. So none of your existing Windows 7 (or earlier) apps will work on your shiny new tablet.

The Surface RT is truly a unique tablet which I really enjoy using. It’s also one which should help Microsoft pick up some credibility in the coolness stakes. It’s not perfect and it’s unlikely to cause any immediate upset to Apple’s iPad sales, but the Surface shows Microsoft still knows how to innovate.

By Luis Valencia