Are social networks taking over our lives?

Social networks are becoming an everyday thing in our lives. So much so, in fact, that it’s hard to imagine what life would be without them. Social media has certainly changed the way we communicate with other people; they make it a lot easier to communicate with our friends.

Today the numbers of networking devices connected to the cloud are equal to the total global population. By 2015 the number of these devices will double. As of now, every minute 277,000 people log in to Facebook, which amounts to 6 million Facebook views. Also, 320 Twitter and more than 100 LinkedIn accounts are created every minute. On YouTube 30 hours of video is uploaded every minute. Also in a single minute 1.3 million people will be watching these videos around the world. Every minute more than 2 million queries are made on the Google and with their new Google+ the reach of Social Networks will grow further. In Thailand around 28 percent of the people have Facebook accounts.


Students had many comments on what life would be like without social media.“People would have more free time,” said freshman Ricardo Enriquez.

“I would not have reconnected with so many friends from my childhood and elementary school,” said Mario Ramirez, senior. “I would not know what they are up to and I would not have the opportunity to see photos of their lives.”

“I think people would benefit from no social media, and texting and driving wouldn’t happen,” said Misael Ledezma, sophomore.

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By Luis Valencia