Carl Hayden YouTube channel available

Carl Hayden High School is in the process of making a YouTube channel for informing parents and for use by teachers in classrooms.

“The channel will benefit students because it will provide a visual environment for students to reinforce topics taught in classes,” said Ricardo Cordova, principal.

The purpose of this channel is to provide information to the community, parents, students. and also for teachers to utilize the resources for educational purposes.

“There will be links to our sports, our events, computer magnets, our robotics, extra-curricular activities and other resources such as links for science and math, and English, which the teachers can use to reinforce learning for the student,” said Cordova.

Because of District policy, YouTube will still be blocked for students on campus during the school day. But it is available for students and parents to use at home and outside of school.

Cordova said the page will be completely safe and have only educational content. The page is already online  and can be located here.

By Luis Valencia