PRO/CON: Should cell phones be allowed in school?


Cell phones are useful

I think cell phones in high school can be a great thing because you will always have a useful tool right in your pocket. Most cell phones can pretty much be anything now a days. For example, with advanced technology you can download apps into your cellphone that will help you in school. Phones can have a scientific calculator app, studying apps, and apps to download all your books you’ll need for class. They are also useful for students who will need to make an emergency call. Teachers and staff may think that cellphones can be a bad thing and a distraction but they can be useful if you use them right.

Alexis Orduno

Cell phones are a distraction

I think cell phones shouldn’t be allowed in school because even though they can be used for emergencies, they still disturb the student’s concentration. An example would be when a students is taking a test that counts half of his grade. While he takes the test, he receives a message from his friend and starts texting him. Throughout all that time he was texting him, he could’ve finished the test and still have enough time to review it. If students are prohibited to bring cell phones to school, they will get used to it, and their grades will increase. They will be able to pass their classes. Another reason why students shouldn’t be allowed to use cell phones is because they are not really useful for students. If they need a calculator, the school has them. If they need to talk to their friends they can wait for lunch.

By Lucio Anchondo